Color Correction Services


Get Your Unforgettable Memories Color Corrected by Experts

Imagine a world where whatever you see is perfect with their natural colours. It seems to be a Utopian world, but it will be worth having a look at. In current scenario of photography world, the reality differs entirely with the reel world. What we expect does not reflect in our photos. The cherished moments which are very fond to us, if not properly captured or portrayed, in the print or in the digital media, we will be at a loss. Money does not matter in such cases.

We, at Enrichpixel, understand your concerns. Being in the industry for more than a decade, we the real value of your emotion and understand what a precious moment meant to you. That is why, we have come up with the right solution.

Either you have a bunch of images which have not been captured properly or some basic parameters which you are looking for is missing in the image, we can get everything sorted out. We have the magical broom which can correct all the shortcomings of the images. We have been servicing our clients for long which gave us the experience what exactly they need. Before being instructed, we do the best from our side without giving our client a chance to complain.

Every occasion has its charm. A wedding has its certain parameter, a photo shoot has its own and so has a pre-wedding shoot. We understand each and give our best shot to edit you out a perfect copy. We are the colour correctors. With the Midas touch, we turn any type of copy into a master piece.

When our digital colour correctors work on your batch of photographs or images, they look into colour balancing, auto tone, curves and levels so that you get the perfect copy. We have an additional layers of quality control to ensure that you get the flawless copy. Other than this, we also make sure that our senior quality control team, will have a final check before any delivery. With such type of quality and commitment, we have been serving the industry for long. It is such an industry, where quality and commitment matter the most.